Why Choose Farnan Opticians

Here are 7 Benefits of Choosing Farnan Styling Opticians


If you are looking for something different than what you find on the high street, then these frames are for you. Here you’ll discover a new world of eyewear and choose a pair of glasses from a selection not seen elsewhere.

Each season we travel to places like Paris, Milan and London in search of the world’s finest eyewear. We have relationships with the most admired and respected eyewear designers in the industry. Niche, independent eyewear companies who produce different and exclusive eyewear.

We also carry several styles in our 241 offers.

#2 Superior Optical Expertise And Know-How

Choosing glasses can be difficult and frustrating and feel like you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack. You’ll be glad to know there is a more sophisticated and effective way to select the right glasses than trying on frames at random.

Our unique ‘Eyewear Styling Consultation’ is designed to make your search for new eyewear an effortless and enjoyable experience.

We have a superb choice of the world’s most appealing eyewear with many styles to choose from. BUT, we’re not a scratch-your-head and browse around kind of place. 

Our unique ‘Eyewear Styling Consultation’ will save you time and hassle. You will find out definitively which frame styles will suit your face shape. It will make your decision on new eyewear easier and give you confidence in what you choose.

The consultation is an opportunity to discover the right style of eyewear for you in a no-pressure, relaxed environment with the help of an eyewear professional. Our ‘Eyewear Styling Consultation’ will transform how you feel about your eyewear!

#3 Personalised Service & Free Initial Consultation

Personal service is a rare thing nowadays but at Farnan Opticians that is what we specialise in. (Read our reviews to hear what new clients say!)

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the kind of person who doesn’t want to be treated like you’re just a number.

Let me first say that you are welcome to pop in. We are a small team of friendly, welcoming, real people. You can call us and have a conversation about what you need. We can give you a overview of our frame styles and answer any questions you may have.

But to give you the best service, we do things a bit differently. And there are some things you should know before you come in.

We work like any professional service and offer you an appointment-based service for your convenience and so we can spend the necessary time with you to get it right.

The unique environment we’ve created for clients means if you just pop in you’ll be able to get a sneak preview of the frames. But to do it properly, to show you the full collection and range of styles, and to give you the benefit our industry-knowledge and professional advice, it’s best to schedule an appointment. There is no charge for your initial eyewear styling consultation. And there is no sales pressure or obligation to buy anything.
By all means pop in to see us if that’s what you prefer, but if you want to maximise your time and get a truly personalised service take advantage of the free consultation.

#4 We Give You Many Options & Choices

Every face and person is different. During your initial complimentary styling consultation, we will show you all the options and all the eyewear possibilities that fit your face, your prescription, your personal style and your budget.

Including frames from Face a Face, Prodesign, Silhouette, SALT, Paul&Joe, Tiffney, Rayban and many more.

We have a large choice of mens glasses to fit the man who requires a wider bridge fitting, a longer temple length or a wider frame width.

We have a great selection of prescription glasses and frames for women who require a petit frame size.

Choice of styles include designer glasses, vintage glasses, fashionable glasses and rimless glasses. Whether you want something minimal or whether you want to make a statement with your eyewear we will show you lots of possibilities.

With your lenses, each type of lens can have pros and cons, which we share with you. We simply educate you on your options so you feel comfortable with your choice and can make an informed decision.

#5 Flexible Payment Options With No Extra Cost

At Farnan OPticians we’ll never give you a single ‘take it or leave it’ price. We’ll always consult with you and give you several frame and lens options and guidance as to what will work best for you.
In addition to choices when it comes to how much you invest in your frames and lenses, we also can spread the payments for your glasses over 3 to 6 months with no extra cost and with no hassle. That way you can get the glasses that are best for you without having to compromise or delay.

#6 Our Reviews!

There’s nothing like real reviews from real people to let you know what you can expect from a business. If you are new to glasses, if you’re considering investing a bit more in your eyewear, or if you’ve had problems with your glasses in the past you can hear from clients who have been through the same thing and how they found their experience at Farnan Opticians

We have over 100 reviews form Google, Facebook and testimonials from our clients. Don’t take our word for it.

                                        Read our five star reviews here!

#7 Easy Ways To Get Started

If you want to explore our practice further and find out if we are the right opticians for you, we can help you in a number of ways: