About Us

Farnan Styling Opticians is a family run business – trust, commitment and passion are the values that we live by. Our journey sarted in the 1940’s with my uncle Frank Farnan owning an Opticians and pharmacy in the middle of town. Paula initallty started her business from home before moving into 28 O’Neill Street (across the road from where we are now).

Thankfully with your support we moved to our present building and have grown from strength to strength. I am delighted to say that I am working along side my daughter Alexandra who has the same passion for eyecare as myself. We are dedicated team, passionate at what we do. From eyecare to eyewear we strive to deliver the best customer experience.

Here, we take eyewear seriously and each season we travel to Paris, Milan and London in search of unique comfortable and trendy frames. Our styling consultaion ensures you leave with a frame to suit both your face and personality.